Assets to Give

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Below is a list of assets to give that may work for you. Please call 800-200-0575 or email us at to speak to one of our experts.


Maximize your charitable deduction with a gift Berkeley can use right now.

Donor Advised Fund - Beneficiary Designation

Designate Berkeley as a beneficiary of your external donor advised fund remainder to support campus programs of your choice.

Privately Held Securities

Gifts of partnership interests or interests in limited liability companies can provide considerable benefit to Berkeley.

Publicly Traded Securities

A gift of publicly traded securities can provide substantial tax savings.

Real Estate

Make a significant contribution to Berkeley with a gift of residential, commercial, or undeveloped real estate.

Retirement Plan - Beneficiary Designation

Designating Berkeley as a reminder beneficiary of retirement accounts is a tax efficient way to support campus.

Tangible Personal Property

Donate books, artwork, or equipment and secure an income tax deduction.

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For more in-depth information, please call one of our experts at 510-642-6300.