Designating Berkeley as the beneficiary of your IRA

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This past winter brought abundant rains to California.  Sometimes it felt like a bit of a mixed blessing, alleviating the state’s drought while also taxing its ability to manage the deluge.  All this reminds us that thoughtful preparation now – for a future that could be challenging, uplifting, or a little bit of both – is key to ensuring a stable foundation for California to flourish.  

Our donors’ thoughtful preparation is key to ensuring that Cal not only maintains, but also expands, its excellence in teaching, research, and public service, no matter what the future brings.  

Don Alves and Elizabeth Sordi, whose giving stories are highlighted in the Spring 2017 issue of Cal Futures, embody a spirit of gratitude and careful planning: gratitude for the resources they now enjoy and careful planning to safeguard the future – their own and Cal’s. 

Both Don and Beth own IRAs they have used to make meaningful gifts to Cal while maintaining control of and access to their IRA assets.  Don uses the IRA charitable rollover option to make outright gifts now to an endowed scholarship.  Beth has designated UC Berkeley as a beneficiary of her IRA to support the Haas School of Business in the future.  In these ways, both of them have secured their own financial security while also supporting Cal. 

We invite you to consider the benefits of designating UC Berkeley as a beneficiary of your IRA, as Beth did. In addition to maintaining control of your IRA assets during life, by designating Cal as a beneficiary of your IRA and using other assets to benefit your other heirs, you are again making a tax-wise decision, as we won’t be taxed on your IRA gift, but your other beneficiaries will. 

We will be happy to work with you on a beneficiary designation gift. You can carefully manage and enjoy your resources now and direct them to support an institution you love in the coming years.

Thank you for your commitment to UC Berkeley and to securing its future!