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Thank You

By assisting a gift to Cal in your clients will or living trust you are playing a vital role in ensuring that we can fulfill Cal’s promise of sustaining academic excellence, educating eager minds, and contributing to the betterment of society. If your client has included UC Berkeley in their will, living trust, or estate plan, please let us know – we would like to welcome them to The Benjamin Ide Wheeler Society.

Information for Attorneys and Other Professionals

As a professional advisor, you have a relationship with your clients built on trust and mutual respect. The same is true with Cal’s relationship with our Alumni and supporters. We recognize that each of our supporter's financial, philanthropic and estate goals are unique. Therefore, we welcome the opportunity to assist you with incorporating your clients' philanthropic objectives into a well-crafted estate plan.

We can provide information on:

  • Sample gift calculations and illustrations for your clients
  • Suggested bequest language
  • Specific language for named endowed funds

Legal Name

All charitable gifts should be directed to University of California, Berkeley Foundation, the charitable, tax-exempt organization located in California.

TAX I.D. Number

University of California, Berkeley Foundation's TAX ID number is 94-6090626.

Gift Administration & Charitable Trust Investment

The University of California, Berkeley Foundation has charitable trust powers and can serve as trustee of charitable trusts in all 50 states. Kaspick & Co. provides investment management and gift administration services for the University of California, Berkeley Foundation.


KASPICK & COMPANY provides the UC Berkeley, Foundation gift administration services, including document review, payment processing, and tax preparation. The trust administration team has extensive knowledge of trust and tax law, and the practical experience necessary to meet the needs of each trust. Administration services are closely coordinated with investment activities.

The KASPICK & COMPANY investment team combines investment experience with expertise in planned giving to successfully manage gifts of all types, including charitable remainder trusts, lead trusts, pooled income funds, and gift annuities. The investment team has worked closely with UC Berkeley to develop a broadly-diversified mix of assets designed to meet the specific objectives for each gift type. The team has a proven track record of producing competitive risk adjusted returns.

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The advantages of using mutual funds for investing planned gifts.
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